Making a difference


The school strives to provide quality education to the learner who experiences barriers to learning by creating a stimulating yet empathetic environment. Here the learner can feel emotionally and socially safe and will be able to attain his/her full scholastic potential.


The school will provide a service to the community by ensuring that each scholastically educable learner, whose barriers can be addressed at the discretion of the multi-disciplinary team, can be accommodated to allow him/her to function as a fully integrated member of society and has the opportunity to lead a full life.

The school renders its service by:

  • Creating an environment that will address the learners specific needs as far as possible with the staff at its disposal
  • Providing professional and specialised education by a dedicated multi-disciplinary team of professional educators, psychologists and therapists, in order to allow the learner to achieve his/her potential in all areas
  • Offering maximum opportunity for the development of the learner in totality and practising skills attained.