Our qualified staff provide a number of therapeutical services, catered to the specific needs of the child. 


The school currently employs three physio’s who provide therapy for physically disabled learners during school hours to assist in reaching his/her full functional potential.

Speech Therapy & Audiology

Speech Therapy and Audiology is offered at West Rand School to learners who require speech, language, communication and hearing intervention.

Therapy occurs in either individual, group or class sessions. Therapy ranges from language, language learning, articulation, feeding and alternative communication (AAC). AAC can include sign language up to high-tech communication devices.

Learners, who require hearing testing, management of hearing devices and auditory training, additionally receive these services from our department.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists assist learners with physical, learning and behavioural problems and well as perceptual and sensory issues.

Therapy occurs during school hours and integrates closely with other therapies and learning to help learners overcome or cope with these barriers.