Intimate Care Centre

The school provides individual special care by trained staff for learners with specific and specialized toiletting needs.


Our hostel has around fifty weekly boarders, who would otherwise not be able to benefit from the school and its many facilities.


As a service to our day scholars, the school runs and maintains a fleet of buses, which are used to transport learners to and from school on a daily basis.

Swimming Pool

The school has an indoor heated swimming pool where learners can enjoy some aquatic fun and games under strict supervision. Teachers assist where necessary.

Vegetable Garden

Learners in the Special Phase take Agricultural Studies from 14 years.

The school has two vegetable tunnels. Here learners learn to grow vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers. These are planted from seeds and seedlings. When they bare fruit it is harvested, cleaned and sold.

Two chicken coops have recently been built. The school has over 20 chickens. Learners learn to take care of these animals. They also gather the eggs.

The eggs are used in the hostel kitchen and the cooking class.