Learners with physical disabilities are classified according to their specific type of disability. Wheelchair learners can participate in slalom, club throw, shot-put and/or lance. Learners that can walk can participate in shot-put, discus, javelin,long jump and running items. They practice every week and the compete at house sports. A team is then chosen who then participates every year in March against other schools. This is a wonderful event and learners love it.

After the athletic meeting, the West Rand Sport Club identifies strong athletes as candidates to participate in athletics for the disabled. Disabled learners from other schools are also welcome to contact us. At the club there are some rules to ensure optimal performance at a higher level.  These are compulsory:

  • Practice on a Wednesday till 15:00.
  • Three Trials that will take place on Saturdays. 
  • To be able to participate at a higher level, it is compulsory to be classified by CGSAPD.  The right classification is essential for reaching their full potential on the sports field and for fair competition. The classification takes place in Johannesburg at Hope School.

After the trials, a team is selected by the Central Gauteng Sports Association. These athletes will then participate at the National Games that takes place every year.